809 - Thrasco assasinated in Reric

The town of Reric had become known for an assault and a murder. The Danish king Godfred destroyed the town according to the Frankish annals. The captured Obrotrite leader Thrasco got permission to return to his homeland, but he had to deliver his own son as a hostage to live in the court of king Godfred. But after archeologists have found the town on the German eastsea coast, another truth was revealed. Reric was a busy trading town, where different cultures lived peacefully together. The town was never destroyed, but drained for knowhow.

Thrasco left his government town Mecklenburg after the Danish king Godfred had sent a message to meet and negotiate about money, power and honour.

Thrasco was allied with the Franks and Godfred was allied with the Saxons. The meeting with the Danes never occured, Thrasco was ambushed and killed, The Frankish imperial annals told : "Thrasco , duke of the Obrotrites was killed in a sneaky way by Godfred`s men in the town of Reric", because Thrasco continued to support the Franks, so Godfred ordered one of his vassals to kill him in Reric.
Charlemagne gave Egbert command

The Franks build a strong castle named Esesfelth at Itzehoe close to the Danish border. Count Egbert was given command of the castle.

North England
A papal delegate was kidnapped by vikings on a journey to Northumbria.