819 - Harald Klak returned to Denmark

Claus Deleuran: The court in Aachen
A combined Frankish and Saxon army crossed the river Elbe to capture the disloyal obrotrite ruler Sclaomir, they took him to the emperors court in Aachen, where a group of obrotrite lords accused, him for several misdeeds, as a result Louis the pious judged Sclaomir to exile, and gave the throne to Ceadragus, son of the murdered Thrasco.
After Louis the Pious had judged Sclaomir to exile, he ordered the group of Obrotrite lords to escort the exiled Danish king Harald Klak to his longships, so that he could get his throne back, he was proclaimed Danish king again, with the support of  2 of the sons of Godfred whom also was elected as fellow kings. The remaining 2 other sons of Godfred were driven out of Denmark by treason and deception, this meant that Godfred had five sons, because one of his sons was killed in 814.
Claus Deleuran: 2 of Godfreds sons was expelled from Denmark
Vikings raided Howth in Leinster