820 - Bouin(Bundium) was plundered

Frankish spear warrior 9th century
According to the Frankish imperial annals from 820: „From the land of the Normans, 13 pirate ships arrived at the coast of Flanders to loot and pillage, but they were driven back by the local guards, but managed to burn a few houses and steal some of the cattle. When they tried a second attempt at the end of the river Seine, they lost five men in a battle with coast guards and hat to retreat without any loot. The third time they got lucky, at the coast of Aquitanie, they looted the village Bouin and sailed home with the loot.
Viking raiders appeared on all coasts of Ireland, plundering Cork, Beggary Island, the Wexford coast and Howth, near Dublin.
Isle of Man
Norwegian vikings began the raiding on Isle of Man.