821 Vikings raided Howth

The raids on Ireland were resumed with an attack on Howth, in which a large number of women were captured for ransom. The monasteries on the islets of Wexford Harbour. This would not have been so easy back home in Scandinavia, where women were more independent.

Legendary Queen Thyra inspecting Dannevirke
Females in Viking society
Females were highly respected in Scandinavian society, but originally females could not inherit. This changed when Sweyn Forkbeard became king, she now could inherit a half part together with her husband.The wives were originally meant to join her husband at the pyre, but that changed so it would be a thrall woman. The female were rulers of the household, she learned to sew and spin clothes, but she also learned the art of healing and the knowledge of healing herbs and treatment of wounds. Women were the doctors whom treated wounds. They were also seers and valas and had huge influence. The Muslim and eastern custom of segregation between men and women did not exist in Scandinavian society, the females entered the companionship of males and bid them a cup of the finest mead.

In the late heathen period, where the ancient rigid rules were loosened that set the women free. In the males armor, women participated in the battle and struggles of men and did brave deeds.The women were named shield maiden. The respect these women were shown lifted her own consciousness and strengthened her character. The abilities which she showed off,and her beauty caused the warrior to fall in love with her and respect her. It was a mentality shift from the cynicism which saw only at the maidens family's wealth and reputation. A suitor had to have the acceptance of the maidens parents or if they were dead her brothers or other still alive family members. If a suitor got an yes answer, if was a tradition with a bride run. It was named bryllup, which had it`s origin that a man robbed his bride. Later it became custom that the male paid a sum of money to the brides family, that sum were called mund. It became only a formality, because the male would get the sum back in equipment and the male would also receive a dowry. The wedding were held at the father of the brides house and they were wed under the hammer of Thor.