873 - Rodulf Haraldsson`s failed viking raid

Demanding tax from the Frisians
Dorestad was plundered again and in June 873 Rodulf Haraldsson(Rodulf,Rolf) sailed a fleet into Louis the Germans kingdom and demanded tax in a county in Friesland, which belonged to a local count Albdag

The Frisians answered that they only would pay tax to Louis the German and his sons, and Rodulf Haraldsson answered "I will kill all men and take their belongings and enslave women and children"

The Frisians won the battle and Rodulf Haraldsson and 800 vikings were killed, the rest hid in a barn. After taking advice from a Christian Norman, which had lived in Frisia, the Frisians took hostages of the surviving vikings in the barn and made them march to their ships.

The vikings delivered all their stolen money in return for the hostages freedom and they swore an oath that they would never return and they sailed away quick and without their dead leader.
(The Annals of Fulda)
Imar died of a hideous disease.