885 - Vikings attacked Paris

A viking army under command of Sigfred with 40000 Danes and 700 ships and a lot of small ships and boats moved against Paris and was heavily reinforced by forces from Friesland. Other vikings arrived from the sea, they sailed up the Seine. Rollo was mentioned by Dudo as a leader of a group of horsemen.

Rouen and Pontoise was captured and in November vikings stood outside the walls of Paris.
The defense of Paris was led by bishop Gauzlin and count Odo.
When Godfrid sailed up the Rhine and demanded an expansion of his territory in Friesland, he was murdered by Henry of Franconia`s loyal noble Frisian and Saxon men because he was "rude" - and Friesland was free from the Danish rule, which had existed since 841.
Eric Bloodaxe aka Eiríkr blóðøx(885-954) was born 
Faroe Islands
More Immigration began to the Faroe Islands, a lot of Norwegians left Norway because of Harald Fairhairs harsh rule and high taxes.