890 - Ohthere of Hålogaland journeys

Items found at Skiringssal
On a summer day in 890 the seaman, trader and chieftain Ohthere of Hålogaland sailed into the southern Norway, to enter the town Skiringsal, with a 50000 m2 area, this was the biggest trading post in Norway, and it was visited by Frisian, Slav, English, French and Viking traders and other adventurers. When the ship reached land, Ohthere gave an order to pull the ship up on land, and place it beside the other knarre, which was the most used trading vessel. The cargo probably consisted of birds feathers, whale and walrus horn and ship rope smade out of walrus and whale skin, which Ohthere and his men wanted to sell.
Skiringsal had glass pearls from Syria and Persia, Indian jewelry, Baltic amber and pottery from France and the Rhine area, Italian glass, slaves and silver treasures which were conquered and robbed from Irish and English
Payment was with silver and Arabic coins, which was cut to lesser pieces.The local artisans sold iron from Norway, weaved cloth, bone combs, while vine traders, the local peasants and the fishermen earned a few hard earned coins on the travelers needs and thirst and hunger. 

The tale about Ohthere visit in Skiringssal or Kaupang was written in an Old English script Historiarum Adversum Paganos Libri VII, as a update to an old book from the 5th century written by Orosius in the 5th-century. 
It was Alfred the great that made the book and the events that Ohthere described may have taken place at any time from the 870s to the late 890s, and Ohthere's account is given in the form of a third-person report of what he said to King Alfred, rather than as reported speech Ohthere's story is the earliest known written source for the term "Denmark" (dena mearc), and for "Norway" (norðweg)
Ohthere "had not more than twenty horned cattle, and twenty sheep, and twenty swine, and the little that he ploughed he ploughed with horses." But his main income was the tax paid by the Sami people, of whom the highest-born paid 15 marten skins, 5 reindeer skins, 1 bear skin, 10 ambers of feathers, 1 coat of bear skin or otter skin and two ship's ropes, each 60 ells long, made of either whale skin or seal skin.
Dagfinn Skre
Dagfinn Skre have researched and dug in Southern Norway and has revealed that it was an important trading town, which was build in the end of the 8th century, and had a population on 500-600 people.
The vikings regained their strength and attacked Saint-Lô in Normandy. The viking fleet attacked west Brittany, but was defeated, and in the autumn they were back in the Oise area at Noyon.
Olav became the king over South Jutland
Vikings raided Armagh, and captured 710 thralls.
Sigurd the mighty and Torsten the red’s invasion of Northern Scotland had resulted in the control of Caithness and Sutherland, but Torsten the red lost his life he was killed between 880 and 890, after being ambushed by Picts.
Viking price sheet
Y Normanyeit Duon(black Northmen) attacked Castell Baldwin in Powys