936 - Gorm the old rejected missionary

1:Viking gold & tin bird jewel found at the tomb of Tyre
2:King Chess pawn from Lewis-ham
The archbishop of Bremen-Hamburg Unni came to the danish royal town Jelling to receive permission to christian mission in Denmark.

The Danish king Gorm the old rejected him with a tough attitude, but his son Harald Bluetooth treated Unni friendly and allowed him to preach on the Danish islands.

Gorm the old was probably born between 908 and 918 and probably a son of the founder of the Jelling dynasty Knud 1. Hardeknud Svendsen, which after 900 took control over West Denmark.
The son of Hardeknud, Gorm the old killed Gnupa and the queen Tyre with the nickname reinforced Dannevirke. The son of Gnupa,Sigtryg was driven out of Denmark.
Henry the Fowler died on 2 July 936 in the palladium in Memleben, by then all German peoples were united in a single kingdom. He was buried at Quedlinburg Abbey, established by his wife Matilda in his honor.

Vikings left Brittany and their main camp The Peran camp 9 km south-west from the district of Côtes d’Armor ,it was a viking camp that was on a hill 160 metres high, from which you could control all traffic along the valley of the river Urne. This camp differed in being oval in shape. Some of the earthwork incorporated a stone wall, probably of Celtic origin. The camp was about 150 m in diameter and had an inner area of about 6 hectares. Archaeological finds reveal that the camp was used by the Vikings from around 900 until they were expelled in 936. 

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