943 - Normandy was plagued by a civil war

The son of Rollo, William Longsword had been murdered at a feast with count Arnulf of Flandern, the Normans declared the son of William, Richard as duke of Normandy. A heathen and a christian group was fighting against each other, and the heathens received help from Denmark, king Sigtryg (He possibly was son of the Swedish king Gnupa, whom was driven out of the Hedeby area).
Hugo the duke of Francia supported the Christians and captured some of the heathen Normans and chased the rest away. He then besieged and captured the castle Evreux and to back to Rouen where he killed the Norman Tormod and king Sigtryg.

The French king Louis went to Normandy and verified Richards heritage to the Duchy. When Louis left Normandy, he took Richard with him to Laon, but there the boy escaped.
A group of Rus vikings under the leadership of an unnamed donkey rider defeated a 5000 thousand strong Muslim army commanded by Marzuban ibn Muhammad and sacked and controlled Barda for several months and they stood their ground against the Muslim counter attacks. They withdrew only after an epidemic of dysentery broke out. The Muslims then ambushed the Rus vikings and killed 700 of them.
This was reported by Persian Scholar Abu Miskawayh and later by the Kurdish historian Ali ibn al-Athi.

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