972 - Svyatoslav was killed

A battle between Oeselian and Icelandic Vikings took place on Saaremaa was described in thhe Icelandic Njál's saga.
Limerick had become a hiding place for The blacklegs: Vikings who hired out their services to anybody , because of this the Irish attacked and Limerick was burnt again.
Isle of Man
Magnus(Maccus) was recognized as king he ruled until 977 , he also had lordship over the Viking settlements in western Galloway.
In June vikings raided Algarve.
Svyatoslav was ambushed and killed by Peschnegs. So Yaropolk became the new ruler until 978.
Gotfrid Haraldsson, brother of King Magnus of Island of Man and Limerick, attacked and conquered Anglesey. The Welsh historians record that a King Edgar gave "the men of Gotfrid sanction to remain in Mona.