1030 Battle of Stiklestad -Olav the holy was killed

Battle of Stiklestad, Altar from the elder medieval period. In the upper left corner the dream of King Olav before the battle, down under the king rides into battle and down right corner shows the Regicide, where Tore Hund in reindeer skin kills the king with a spear. And at last in the middle of the picture Olaf was canonized as a saint.

Battle of Stiklestad Icelandic Saga Flateyjarbok
On the 29. July Olav the holy fought a battle against the pagan Norwegian chieftain Kalv Arneson at Stiklestad, north of Trondheim. Olav had berserkers, who participated in the battle of Stiklestad, but he lost and
Saint Olafs death at Stiklestad by Peter Nicolai Arbo 1859
Olav the holy was killed in the battle and most of his army was slaughtered. He was soon accepted as a saint named Sct. Olaf and Rex perpetuum Norvegiae
rune stone U1158
Yaroslav the Wise of Novgorod and Kiev raided the Estonian fortress of Tarbatu and founded a fort named Yuryev. A Swedish viking Freygeirr was killed during an united Swedish and Kievan Rus' expedition against the Estonians of Saaremaa. A Swedish rune stone U1158 says Guðsteinn and Eistr(meaning Estonian) and Áki had the stone raised in memory of Freygeirr, their father. Lífsteinn cut these runes.
Viking Fort

Sigtrygg Silkbeard joined Cnut the great on a raid on Wales.
The Rus looted in the region of Shirvan; the leader of Ganja then bribed them to crush a rebellion in Beylagan. 

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