1035 - The north sea empire was destroyed

Cnut the great
The north sea empire was destroyed again. The Norwegian leaders Einar Tambarskelve and Kalv Arneson came back from Gardarige(Novgorod) with Magnus the good, the son of Olav the holy.
The self aware Norwegian chieftains would not bow down to Elgyfus strict rule. Both Elgyfu and Svein had to flee Norway, they arrived in Denmark, where Svein suddenly died.
Elgyfu continued to England. Cnut the great could not do anything, he was sick and on 12. November he died in Shaftesbury. Canute the great was buried in Winchester
Cnut the great`s coffin at Winchester
As heir to the crown he had appointed Harthacnut, his son. Harthacnut was also crowned king of Denmark. Elgyfu made the Anglo-Saxons proclaim her son Harold Harefoot king of England.
Harthacnut, king of Denmark 1035-42
William 2 "Bastard" the Conqueror ruled Normandy until 1087, he later became king of England.
Thorfinn defeated a Scottish attempt to recapture Northern Scotland from the earldom of Orkney. Then he won the battle at Tarfness and gained Ross from the Scots
Ragnall ua Ímair, King of Waterford was defeated by Sigtrygg Silkbeard ,the Viking camp at Waterford came under his control.