1036 - Emma had tried to stop Elgyfus plan

Viking helmets
The German emperor Heinrich 3 married Gunhild, daughter of Emma and Cnut the great. Cnut the great`s son Sveinn Knutsson died only 19 years old.
The widow queen Emma had tried to stop Elgyfu`s plans and as a last desperate attempt she ordered her son with Ethelred, Alfred to return to England. Alfred returned from Normandy, but he was immediately captured when he arrived in England and on the order of Harold Harefoot he was sent to the monastery Ely, during that journey Alfred's eyes was stuck out by his kidnappers, and he later died February 5 of the terrible mayhem he had suffered.
Echmarcach mac Ragnaill, King of the Isles forced Sigtrygg Silkbeard to abdicate from his 46year reign of Dublin.
Sigtrygg Silkbeard

A group of Saracen Zirid attacked Sicily and reconquered Palermo from the Normans but failed to reconquer the island.