810 - King Godfred assasinated

200 Dragonships unloaded in Friesland. King Godfred ruled by fire and sword. Charlemagnes Frisian citizens was the leading traders in North Europe and before the Danes left Friesland, the Frisians payed a Danegeld of 100 pound silver.

Shortly after the succesful sea raid, Charlemagne received the best news in his life: Godfred has been killed by one of his own kinsmen or one of his sons.

Godfred had said that he would come to Aachen and take the throne, European history would be rewritten if he made it, but Charlemagne was maybe behind the plot to kill Godfred.
The new Danish King was Hemming(Son of an unnamed brother of Godfred), he ruled in only two years, then a civil war broke out.