930 -Althingi in Iceland was established

King Chess piece found at Lewisham
Count Arnulf of Flandern made a Danish viking chieftain, Sigfred the danish to count of Guines(The Calais area).He did it because of a recommendation from a prominent guest at the court in Flandern, called Knud Dane-ast, possibly a son of Gorm the old.

The Normans invaded the Loire area again and also Aquitaine, they plundered Saintonge, Angoumois, Périgord, and Limousin. but Raul of Bolougne defeated the Normans at a place called Ad Destricios (Estresse near Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne).
In the summer Althingi in Iceland was established. people assembled for 2 weeks at a thing to discuss and settle disputes and arrange marriages, the Icelandic Commonwealth was founded. 
An estimated 20000 people were living in Iceland.